Unarmed black man on breathing machine after Virginia police shooting

A 32-year-old unarmed black man who was shot by a Virginia sheriff’s deputy who had just given him a ride home is reportedly on a breathing machine and in critical condition.

Isaiah Brown was shot Wednesday after speaking to a 911 dispatcher near his home in Spotsylvania County to report a domestic dispute with his brother, whom he said he was planning to kill, according to police audio.

The deputy, who had earlier given Brown a ride when his car broke down, encountered him a second time and ordered him to “drop the gun” several times before opening fire.

The family’s attorney David Haynes said Brown was shot at least 10 times, according to NBC News.

“He’s on a breathing machine and remains in very critical condition,” he said, adding that Brown’s condition is “touch and go.”

Haynes said only two bullets have been removed from the man’s body.

Brown’s mother, Jennifer Brown, said her “concern at this point is just for my son to hopefully come home alive,” NBC News reported.


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