Stand with Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders!

Sleydo’s call to Action to help save Wedzin Kwa, our sacred headwaters!

Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders and our allies and supporters are facing brutalization once again by the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRG), as they assert their sovereignty and Wet’suwet’en Title over their traditional lands. One way to offer support is donate to our legal fund, this helps our movement continue and enables us to move through their colonial “justice” system.

Additional funds will be used to offer travel bursaries to come to the yintah, as well as supporting food and camp costs.

The Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs represent a governance system that predates colonization and the Indian Act which was created in an attempt to outlaw Indigenous peoples from their lands.

The Wet'suwet'en have continued to exercise their unbroken, unextinguished, and unceded right to govern and occupy their lands by continuing and empowering the clan-based governance system to this day. Under Wet'suwet'en law, clans have a responsibility and right to control access to their territories.

The validity of the Wet'suwet'en house and clan system was verified in the Delgamuukw and Red Top Decisions that uphold the authority of the hereditary system on Wet'suwet'en traditional territories.

This is the only official fundraiser for Gidimt'en Checkpoint. Please visit our website at for more information on the fight against Coastal GasLink.

Our official IG page is @yintah_access

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Twitter @Gidimten

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