‘Police don’t produce safety’: the Black feminist scholars fighting for abolition

Mariame Kaba and Andrea J Ritchie on their new book and their vision for a prison-free world: ‘Let’s take money from death and put it toward life’

When killings by US police make national headlines, a familiar call for reform often follows: police need more training, more body cameras, more rules restricting lethal force.

But evidence has shown the widespread adoption of such reforms, after years of protest, has made no dent in the national death toll. US police continue to kill three people a day, with 2021 the deadliest year on record, making America a leader in law enforcement violence.

The persistent killings as well as stories of police abuse of Black people in spite of reforms has led to growing mainstream interest in a different response – the fight to defund, dismantle and abolish police. In their new book, No More Police: A Case for Abolition, the Black feminist scholars Mariame Kaba and Andrea J Ritchie lay out their vision of a world free of the “death-making institutions” of police and prisons.


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