Video 2 police officers step on handcuffed man's back as doctor watches at First Nation nursing station

Police officers pepper-sprayed Romeo Wesley, subdued him with a baton, handcuffed him and then stepped on his back and neck with their boots on the night the 34-year-old died at the Health Canada nursing station in Cat Lake First Nation.

A security video shows that at one point, a doctor watched as two Nishnawbe-Aski police officers — one who has removed his shirt — pressed their boots into Wesley's back as he lay face down on the floor of the waiting area of the nursing station, kicking his legs.

The video seen at a coroner's inquest and obtained by CBC News and other media shows that several minutes passed after Wesley stopped moving before anyone checked his vital signs.

Police took photographs of the prone man, and a nurse was visible at various times throughout the 45-minute video mopping the floor around Wesley and offering towels to the police officers after they'd subdued Wesley.


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