14 January 2015 to 25 November 2015

Regarding: SPVM File Numbers 13-150114-020 and 13-150114-021

On Wednesday, January 14th 2015, approximately between 11:15 P.M. and 11:45 P.M., I was involved in an Incident with a grey 4x4 outside the owner’s residence of 139 Des Oblast Street in the sector of Ville LaSalle in Montreal, Quebec.

Approximately between 11:15 P.M. and 11:20 P.M., the night in question, I was taking a drive (in my personal car) along LaSalle Boulevard towards the Mercier Bridge. When I came to a STOP sign, between 75th Avenue and 90th Avenue, to make my stop, is when I noticed, behind me, a grey 4x4 approaching my side of the car towards oncoming traffic thus breaking the solid yellow line between us. Since I was the one making my stop at the stop sign line, the grey 4x4 then fails to make his stop at the stop line, and thus cutting me off. Besides failing to stop at the stop line, he continued to speed off straight in front of me, and at such a rate I was unable to take any note of his license plate information.

I would have to say that the grey 4x4’s speed, at that time, to be just under double the legal speed limit which I believe to have been a 40 kilometre per hour ‘maximum’ zone.

Although I was not able to note the grey 4x4’s license plate information, I was able to maintain a visual, at a safe distance, while the grey 4x4 was on its journey to its final destination, being the residence of the grey 4x4’s owner. I was also able to follow the fresh tire tracks (as a very heavy ice fog was coming off the freezing cold river that night, bringing some light snow flakes with it, just enough to see cars tire markings) as the grey 4x4 made them, and it was the only car in front of me at that time. This incident lasted approximately four to five minutes, from the time the grey 4x4 failed to stop to when the grey 4x4 pulled up on to its personal driveway.

It’s now approximately between the hour of 11:20 P.M. and 11:45 P.M. I am now standing outside, next to my car, on the driver’s side, facing the front of 139 Des Oblast Street, in the middle of the street, and waiting for the owner of the grey 4x4 to exit his vehicle, on his private property. The owner of the grey 4x4 finally exited his vehicle, after a few moments, to which I asked the gentlemen, “Excuse me sir, but you mind explaining to me what you, and why you, did what you did back there?”.

The owner of the grey 4x4 then appeared to become enraged with such anger and hostility over my question, that he then proceeded to charge towards me, off his private property, and onto the public road way. Please do keep in mind that this man had to be two to three time my body size. He then proceeds to get into very close personal space, less than thirty-six inches, and proceeds to aggressively start yelling into my face. The owner of the grey 4x4 then proceeds to take his right index finger and starts to poke and drill me several times and repeatedly into my left shoulder, thus the owner was now illegally assaulting me. At this point I had to ask the owner of the vehicle at least five to six times to back up and back off from me and out of my personal space. I then reached into my upper left breast jacket pocket, to where I normally keep my smart phone, but I noticed it was not there, and remembered it was now in my front left pant pocket. As I proceeded to take out my smart phone, to call 9-1-1, the owner of the grey 4x4 then got on his cellular phone and started reading my license pate information, to whom I assumed was also another 9-1-1 operator. At this point I decided to ignore and have no further discussions with the owner of the grey 4x4 until police could arrive on the scene and defuse the matter, as it was clear to me the owner of the grey 4x4 was no longer in control nor no longer in a rational frame of mind.

I now went about my own business, back into my car, to wait for the police to arrive on the scene. I now realize I my car is still in the middle of the street, I proceeded to park my car off to the right side, in front of the neighbouring drive way. As I was sitting in my vehicle I noticed the owner of the grey 4x4 going back to his vehicle, instead of going into his home to wait for the police. I thought to myself this is a bizarre action to take, giving the current circumstances, and continue to watch the situation closely from my vehicle. After the owner of the grey 4x4 returned to his vehicle, I noticed he was motioning to reverse, with the vehicle’s rear backup lights on. He then hesitates. I now feared that the driver may be fleeing the scene of a possible crime, or possibly drunk, or possibly on drugs, or very possible road rage, and could further injure or kill someone in his current state of mind, behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. In a split second I had to make a rational decision that was in the best interest of public safety given the situation. So I did. I advanced my vehicle one car length, thus blocking the vehicle in, and forcing the driver to wait for the police to arrive, or at least that is what I thought. What happened next was EXTREMELY SHOCKING and DISTURBING to me.

The driver of the grey 4x4, after a 15 second delay then proceeded to ‘floor it’ in reverse. The grey 4x4 hit the passenger side of my large size sedan with so much impact that it forced my vehicle back out into the middle of the street on an angle. While I was in shock, and stunned that ANY human being could willing do such a thing, the grey 4x4 came at me again, but this time more of a head on approach and hits me two more times, in a panic and fear for my life, I scramble to compose myself and put my seat belt on. I managed to turn my vehicle around to try to get out of the situation, as I was doing so, the grey 4x4, again, charges the rear of my vehicle thus hitting me another two times. In such desperation, panic, fear, shock, and dismay I scrambled to call 9-1-1, failing to do so at lest three times due to shock of the situation I was in.

I eventually was able to get a call through to 9-1-1 on my smart phone within minutes of this horrific event. I begged and pleaded with the emergency responder to help me, save me, he’s going to hit me again, please help me, he’s going to kill me, please, please help me (was crying with fear). The owner of the grey 4x4 pursued me at such high speeds, all the way down Des Oblats Street, to LaSalle Boulevard, and all the way down into the City Of Lachine, right until the corner of ‘Chemin du Musée’ and ‘Boulevard Saint Joseph’, in front of the Toyota car dealer, where finally the horrific events came to an end, when police were able to intervene and take over the situation, and arrest the owner or the grey 4x4, or so I thought.

The Owner of the ‘grey 4x4’ was later identified to me as:
Off Duty SPVM Police Officer Mr. Roberto Tomarelli
Badge #1142 - Ville LaSalle SPVM - Police Station 13

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