25 November 2011

When I was arrested at Occupy Montreal on the 25th of November 2011 They were taking my information. They wrote on my hand with a permanent marker and then after I felt something pointy and metallic scraping across my skin. I immediately asked "What are you doing" and they simply said we wrote on you with a pen and showed me a bunch of various pens in her hand. I didn't argue about it and I was unable to look at my hands as they were tied behind my back with zipties. As soon as I was released I looked at my hands and there was no ink on them from a pen. I began to worry and wonder what exactly did they do to me that prompted them to lie to me... it really was not a fun feeling. when I spoke about what happened a few hours later to a friend and my partner, the idea came about that perhaps it was something they used as a way to identify me. This morning we tested my hands under a black light and sure enough there was a number 2! The freaky thing is this is IN my skin, washing my hands and scrubbing with abrasives will not get this off.... perhaps in several months of my skin cells renewing themselves if will eventually fade. What ever ink that is in there is irritating my skin slightly and its a very terrible feeling that they put a substance in my body with out my consent and then later lied about it. This is a semi permanent alteration they did to me, if I go anywhere now with a black light this will show! -------------------- I called the SPVM today and after being on hold for over 10 minutes I explained what happened to me to the officer on the line. I was calm and explained I was concerned for my health because I was having a reaction to whatever it was they used... He told me he had no idea what I was talking about, that he never heard of that before ... I asked if it was possible to speak to some one who might know more and he said that there was no one ... he then said he needed to answer the other line and hung up ...... WTF

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc):