Saskatoon constable, armed forces member gets conditional discharge for off-duty sexual assault

An 18-year member of the Saskatoon city police and 25-year member of the Armed Forces was in the depths of alcoholism when he sexually assaulted a female friend at a Remembrance Day event in 2017, a Saskatoon provincial courtroom heard.

Robert Keith Brown, 45, groped the woman’s breasts three times during a function at the Sgt. Hugh Cairns VC Armoury in Saskatoon, according to the facts presented at Brown’s sentencing hearing on Monday.

Defence lawyer Brad Mitchell said his client, who was off-duty, had been drinking since noon and his memory of the assaults is “spotty, at best.”

Brown pleaded guilty in February to one count of sexual assault. He was charged on April 24, 2018 and suspended from duty after a months-long investigation by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.


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