Police dog bit off most of bystander's ear during mistaken identity takedown

Details of how a bystander mistaken for a murder suspect was savaged by a police dog in 2016 are now public.

A report released by the Independent Investigations Office of B.C. on Thursday describes how Vick Supramaniam was taken down by officers and attacked by a police dog — which bit off most of his left ear — when he accidentally became entangled in a high-stakes police chase in a double homicide case.

The IIOBC announced last summer that officers would not face charges as a result of the incident, but withheld its public report until the matter had concluded in the courts.

Last month, six men were convicted of manslaughter in the execution-style deaths of Samantha Le and Xuan Van Vy Ba-Cao. Their bodies had been discovered in East Vancouver two days before the September 2016 chase occurred. A third man was kidnapped, beaten and subjected to extortion.


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