Raped twice by the same cop

Elizabeth had no expectations when she opened her email on a Monday morning in early February. But the words she read in the message received at 9:05am struck fear through her. As she stared at the screen, disbelief escalated into panic.

“To date I have not heard back from you. After discussions with our Director, our investigation will be concluded, and the [rape] kits obtained for evidence will be destroyed.”

Elizabeth was raped not once, but twice, by the same man: a cop with Halifax Regional Police. In both incidents, the officer was on-duty.

The message from the investigator assigned to Elizabeth’s file arrived almost exactly one year after her life was thrown into disarray. It was a year of misery: trying and failing to engage in reporting the abuse she’d endured to an independent body — all the while, fighting to manage the devastating impacts of PTSD.

Now, the province’s Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT), the office tasked with investigating complaints and incidents of harm involving police officers, was threatening to destroy the evidence in her case.


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