Fatal police encounters in Manitoba jumped in last 2 years; most involved Indigenous people

Nine people have died in fatal encounters with police in Manitoba over the last two years, including the people shown here. Top, left to right: Ben Richard, 23; Chad Williams, 23; Eishia Hudson, 16. Bottom: Jason Collins, 36; Stewart Kevin Andrews, 22; Matthew Fosseneuve, 34; Machuar Madut, 43. (Photo credits: Submitted by Patricia Richard; Submitted by family; Eishia Hudson/Facebook; Voyagefuneralhomes.com; Submitted by Alexcia Andrews; Submitted by family; Submitted by Sandy Deng) (Photo illustration by CBC News Graphics)

Manitoba has experienced two of its deadliest years on record when it comes to people being killed by police, and the majority of those who died were Indigenous.


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