Watchdog clears RCMP officers who shot at N.S. firehall during mass shootings

Nova Scotia's police watchdog has cleared the two RCMP officers who shot at a fire hall in Onslow, N.S., during the hunt for an active gunman last April, saying the Mounties had reasonable grounds to believe a man outside the hall, which was being used as a shelter, was the killer.

The 10-month investigation by the Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) found the two officers — who drove up to the Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade Hall in an unmarked vehicle — had yelled "Police!" and "Show your hands!" at a man who was dressed in a safety vest similar to one worn by the suspect they sought. The agency determined they opened fire because the civilian ducked behind a police cruiser and ran inside the hall.

"The investigation found that based on everything the officers had seen and heard since coming on duty and what they had observed at the time, they had reasonable grounds to believe that the male was the killer and someone who would continue his killing rampage," SIRT director Felix Cacchione said in a press release.


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