Elderly Montreal man says he was assaulted by police after asking officer to wear mask

An elderly Black man says he was assaulted by a Montreal police officer last week, after he asked the officer to put his mask on.

Maurice Verjin, 73, says the incident happened while he was on his way to pick his wife up from work, and that he’s still dealing with the injuries he suffered.

“I’ve had no sleep,” Verjin told Global News in an interview.

He claims a questionable traffic stop led to him being assaulted by officers. The Saint-Michel resident, originally from Haiti, says he was driving through the intersection of Jean-Talon and Chateaubriand as he was heading to pick his wife up from work around 11:30p.m. He said as he was driving south on Chateaubriand, officers were heading west on Jean Talon.


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