Criminal Elements within the Montreal Police Department

12 Novembre 2021

On the 12th of November, 2021, I became a serial victim of police corruption subsequent to requesting protection from the Service Policiere de la Ville de Montreal from a relative who had been under my care and was experiencing an episode of intense mania. These episodes occurred approximately once every three or four days. I informed the emergency response service that my relative had become so violent after falsely accusing me of stealing her money that I could not leave the confines of my office. The events were properly recorded using my portable phone.

I have been operating a federally-incorporated business and caring for two of my relatives for 18 years by providing financial, legal and consultative medical assistance. In 2011, one of my relatives passed away due to a Parkinson-like neurodegenerative disease. The other was experiencing symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, which had progressed towards mild dementia. In addition, my relative showed distinct symptoms of bipolarity, suffering periodic attacks of mania and dysthymic depression as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The local police department dispatched two police officers, Caroline Trottier (Matricule 6158) and Hugues St-Pierre Lussier (Matricule 6449), to the scene. Rather than addressing the delirious state of the relative under my care, they immediately became obsessed with the density of objects in my 3-by-4-meter office, which I also used as a bedroom, dining area, closet and workspace for assembling computers and stringing racquets.

After inspecting our pantry and our refrigerator and asking me to discard about two dozen containers that I used for storage or reusable dishes, they invited a third police officer, Javier Cortes (Matricule 5115), posing as a social worker, to the scene. Sergeant Caroline Trottier insisted that any individual who stores food and provisions lasting more than a day, who owns more than one or two tennis racquets, who does not wash his clothing daily must be a mentally ill hoarder.

After I described my relative’s condition, Cortes asked me a question about the manner in which I use my workspace. He, then, declared me to be severely mentally ill and requested that I accompany him to the hospital for further examination and clarification regarding my mental stability.

I, evidently, refused and Agent Cortes departed. The two remaining officers, then, decided to resort to force in order to evict me from my private office. They threatened to beat and assault and handcuff me in the event that I would not accompany them away from the premises. As my relative is the executor of the estate of the deceased owner and I paid the expenses by virtue of an informal agreement, I requested that permission be granted for me to maintain my private office for two weeks in order to reestablish my office and to acquire appropriate provisions for my daily activities. It was granted by the executor. However, the police officer advised my relative that she would be imprisoned for 60 days in a unisex prison where men and women shared the same bathing facilities in the event that she did not expel me. I called the bluff of the police officers and told them that they could do as they pleased with my relative. Unfortunately, my relative believed them and said that she did not want to go to prison.

Sergeant Caroline Trottier insisted that the police department was obliged to remove me because there was a conflict. I replied that I had not been involved in any conflict as the door separating my office from the apartment had been barred for four and a half hours prior to the arrival of the police officers. Officer Lussier asked me to undress before him, which I refused to do.

Nonetheless, the officers arranged to make me appear to be an extremely violent and dangerous person. They brought three additional 180 lb officers to expel a pacifist doctor who weighed less than 130 lbs from his workplace because I stored medical and scientific literature on the floor. In addition, they filed a fraudulent report (N/Dossier : 21-2210) claiming that my relative’s behavior was triggered by a decision on my part to enter the apartment wearing shoes. The report also makes the outrageous and surreal claim that I have an uncanny ability to tolerate foul odors, even though such odors could not have persisted in a well-ventilated room.

The police officers advised me that if I would come within 100 meters of the building, I would be arrested. They also deactivated the phone line so that I would not be able to contact my relative. Fortunately, I was able to contact my relative via e-mail with what turned out to be the last drops of charge in the device and, upon convincing her that there were no unisex prisons in Canada, I was allowed to return to my office, two days later.

I contacted the civilian authority, la Service de Deontologie Policiere, in order to demand an apology from the police officers and to ask that the lies that had been written about me be removed from the public record. As noted in the sequel, this turned out to be a significant error. In addition to the transcript of the emergency call, I furnished the commissioner with a recording in which I condemned a violent resolution to the matter and explained to my relative that I would be left with no choice other than to ask for police intervention if I continued to be imprisoned in my office. In addition, samples of my relative’s demonic and irrational monologues were provided. I also furnished photographic and testimonial evidence that the entire contents of my office, excluding the desks and furniture, did not even fill the cargo of an SUV. The latter is easily confirmed as any major movement of possessions from the building must be logged by the building’s administration and the service elevator must be reserved at a cost of $95 to the individual requesting the service.

The police commissioner, Melanie Hilinger, and her assistant, Hélène Tremblay, replied that I failed to provide any evidence that the description in the police report was inaccurate, in other words that I am a mentally ill hoarder that was involved in a physical struggle with my relative. In particular, she claimed that the evidence that I presented minimized the description of the police officers’ account, which is, in their opinion, the indisputably accurate and unassailable account of what had transpired.

The commissioner pretended not to be knowledgeable enough to deduce that the notion of an individual barricaded in a closet-sized room asking for protection from the police precludes the possibility that that person is violent and dangerous. A violent and disturbed individual would be disposed to using violence to resolve the situation and would be too paranoid to request police intervention. Moreover, the police officer who wrote the report demonstrated an apparent ignorance of physics and physiology as even if the odors described could remain in an air-circulated room indefinitely, a human being with normal olfactory perception would take flight of the conditions described in very short order.

I was personally appalled to discover that the municipal police department is not subject to the democratic principles enshrined in our constitution. The police officers in question conducted themselves like mercenaries operating out of a third-world country with no qualm of being barred from the ongoing practice of their profession. They violated the civil code and committed fraud and defamation even after I willingly agreed to abdicate my office space within a reasonable period of time.

The reason why I am contacting you is because I strongly believe that the SPVM and the civilian authority should be exposed for uprooting the democratic values and structure of society. If police officers can make such defamatory claims about a 128-pound doctor, there is no limit to their capacity to incriminate and brutally injure innocent civilians.

I would like to expose the individuals in question in the academic literature and the popular media and to eventually file criminal charges against the offending police officers and to seek sanctions against the police commissioner who is, undoubtedly, paid to justify the illegal activities of the police department.

Rather than accepting my olive branch, the commissioner in conjunction with the police department began monitoring my e-mail communications and engaged the services of a well-known Senegalese extortionist based in France to threaten me with SPAM e-mail messages accusing me of perpetrating a series of cybercrimes. As I had carbon-copied my requests to the police commissioner to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and particularly to Brenda Lucki, the expeditor of the message was purported to be none other than Brenda Lucki representing the RCMP informing me that my arrest was imminent.

These e-mails were dispatched on several occasions within a day or two following numerous communications to my colleagues describing my forceful and illegal eviction from my office space and began about one month after I transmitted my final request for a resolution to the Service de Deontologie Policiere. The e-mails were aggressive, leveraging numerous public e-mail handles, which easily broke through the most aggressive firewall and junk e-mail settings. More recently, after I communicated to colleagues that it appeared that my outbound messages were being monitored, the nature of the SPAM suddenly changed and increased in frequency. The malevolent parties began dispatching polymorphic e-mail transmissions containing dangerous payloads. The signature was identical as the messages easily evaded detection as SPAM and were formulated in a manner that flaunted the fact that my internet activity was being monitored. Bylines mimicked e-mail messages that I had received as well as the targets of my internet activity.

During the month of April 2023, a Sri Lankan man (appearing in the attached photograph) was hired to follow me using information contained in my e-mail messages as well as the coordinates of my mobile devices. I miraculously encountered the individual 7 times in a fortnight until I realized that I would be required to use more discretion in my e-mail communication and I stopped carrying mobile devices.

At about the same time, the night security guard in my building was paid to place my apartment at negative pressure with respect to the rest of the building, thereby allowing poisonous odorless fumes to enter the premises from approximately midnight until 5 AM for about one week beginning on Wednesday night, excluding the weekend. The first morning, I awoke with a bad taste in my mouth following some allergic reactions. However, by Tuesday, I was required to open the window in order to breathe. I realized that this was the case as the usually very friendly and talkative night watchman became extremely defensive and refused to speak to me beginning one day before the attacks on the ventilation system.

On May 4th, I dispatched this detailed description of these events to several academic colleagues and journalists in preparation for dissemination in the public literature. Very shortly thereafter, the e-mail attacks, stalking and biological terrorism stopped simultaneously and abruptly. However, the monitoring of my internet activity surely is ongoing.

I am truly appalled that criminal elements have infiltrated the highest echelons of the local police department and that the civilian protector in the province of Quebec is anything but that. My democratic freedoms have been curtailed because I requested the protection of the Montreal Police Department from physical violence. The police department framed me once and are liable to use criminal means in order to frame me again. We supposedly live in a democracy; yet, the institutions that serve to enforce the law possess the capacity and motivation to flagrantly and abusively violate the civil and criminal codes.
Together, we can make a difference in rooting corrupt police officers with connections to organized crime, whom I hope represent a minority of the police force, out of the system and helping to restore civility and democratic order. I would be delighted to hear your suggestions and recommendations as to how I may use my reputation as a very balanced and gentle citizen in order to achieve this objective. The Montreal Police Department should be given cause to think twice about using these and other tactics with impunity in the future.

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