09 Juillet 2023

On Sunday, July 9th, 2023, the Montreal Police Department attempted to blame me for damage to a public building that they had coordinated. A window in the area where I had been authorized to practice my tennis was surgically fractured into 20000 shards using a hammer, a chisel, a glass cutter and pliers prior to my arrival. The location of the initial fracture as well as the chisel mark are clearly evident in the attached photographs. This was done in such a manner that any movement, a strong wind gust or even opening the window would cause the pane to shatter.
Upon observing that I had been playing in the area, the school administration had probably been asked to report vandalism on the following day and to accuse me of perpetrating the act.
When I arrived, the municipal security had been awaiting my arrival upon the scene. The agent politely apologized for impeding me with a vehicle and left.
I accidentally discovered the fractured pane when my less-than-30-gram rubber ball (about as heavy as six grapes) pierced the lower right-hand section of the glass at low velocity and rebounded elastically off of the inner pane. This induced the broken glass above to collapse both inward and outward due to the force of gravity, producing a hole that was approximately 12 times larger than the entry and exit position of the ball.
The intentions of the police department were foiled as I decided to expose the damage myself. I waited for the municipal security to return and advised the agent that my ball had pierced what appeared to be a previously fractured window. I asked for the events to be reported, the damage to be photographed and offered to pay for the replacement of the window as I had brought attention to the damage. The agent contacted her supervisor and advised me that the police department was required to handle the situation.
After 20 minutes, four police officers arrived. They somehow already were aware of my name, my identity, specific details about me as well as about my family. I had not disclosed any of this information nor had I previously encountered these individuals.
I showed them the damage as well as the blunt impact, which was located approximately 50 centimeters away from where my ball pierced the glass. I asked them to document what had transpired. The delegated spokesperson said that there is no need for an arrest or for a police report. I agreed that there was no person to arrest. However, I strongly believed that a police report was in order. The spokesperson said that so long as I paid for the replacement and ceased using the area to practice my tennis, there was nothing to report. The municipal security, however, promised me that she would file a report and send it to me. Unfortunately, I did not receive it.
I continued to practice my tennis elsewhere. The soft rubber ball that pierced the window (attached photograph) broke after less than 5 minutes at approximately 4:35 PM.
I later returned to the scene with witnesses and photographed and videotaped the area and the damage for further analysis. The perpetrators erred by not destroying the area where the initial blunt fracture had occurred.
I noted the names of the police officers. However, I see no reason to disclose them as the officers were acting upon the orders of their superiors. They were polite and friendly. However, the ongoing machinations of the SPVM that have persisted for 18 months in order to defame, discredit and harass me are unacceptable, extremely childish and highly illegal. Using public resources to perpetrate vandalism and to harass law-abiding citizens constitutes a clear breach of public trust and this should stop immediately, especially since there is now material evidence of wrongdoing.

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