The Year in Review: A World on the Brink

This year, war spread around the world along with ecological and economic crisis, showing what the consequences will be if we are not able to change course on a planetary scale. At the same time, a variety of inspiring struggles continue to play out, showing the tremendous untapped potential of humanity.

2024 will probably be a roller coaster ride. In the United States, the election season is shaping up to be chaotic, and that will spill over into social conflict on the streets. It’s up to us to show that, rather than choosing between fascists and centrists determined to preserve a self-destructing system, people can come together in networks based in solidarity, mutual aid, and a more ambitious vision of what our lives could be.

In our year in review report, we assess our own humble efforts over the past year, including the coverage we have provided from within social struggles and the projects we have contributed to them.


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