I hail from Ottawa. When I was at a party, on August 26th 2008, a guy threw a bottle in my face so I head butted him in the nose. His friends kicked me out and threatened to call the pice. I left regardless. When I got home, there were 4 cops there waiting for me and they followed me into my garage. I explained my side and they claimed they had six reports saying that I was the instigator. They said they're taking me in for questioning. One grabbed my wrist to cuff me and I pulled back explaining unless I'm under arrest for something I'm not required to go anywhere. They grabbed my wrist again and I tried to let go. The four of them got me on the ground and I said this is a vulgar display of power. So, Fred Proulx held the others back and stood over me while I was on my back. He punched my head in until I blocked his hand. Then he grabbed my head and smashed into the concrete floor. Then he started kneeing my in the face, mainly my right side and split me open above my eye. I let this happen because of his badge; never again.

Nom du policiers (séparer par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs):