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RCMP working to rebuild relationship with indigenous peoples

17 Février 2016

OTTAWA—The RCMP has been quietly meeting with national aboriginal organizations to start building a better relationship with indigenous peoples following a long history of mutual distrust.

Starlight Casino police shooting inquest begins

10 Février 2016

A coroner's inquest will begin Tuesday morning into a fatal police shooting during an armed standoff outside a New Westminster's Starlight Casino four years ago.

Mehrdad Bayrami was shot by Delta Police Const. Jordan MacWilliams in Nov. 2012, after an emergency response team (ERT) responded to reports of a distraught man with a gun in the parking lot.

Mario Woods: The fatal police shooting Beyonce's backing dancers want you to know about

10 Février 2016

It was probably the most politically charged performance ever to grace the Super Bowl half-time show - that most mainstream of American events, traditionally associated with marching bands and classic rock acts.

Beyonce's performance of her new single, Formation - already an anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement - featured backing dancers dressed like the Black Panthers, black power salutes and a choreographed nod to Malcolm X.

There’s Now a Play About the Women Duped into Dating Spy Cops

10 Février 2016

Most people have told a lie to get laid, but not many of us have done so backed by the state. Since a 2011 Guardian investigation uncovered the stories of a group of British women allegedly manipulated into intimate relationships with undercover cops, we've started to learn just how far the Metropolitan police's now-defunct Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) was willing to go for information on "groups involved in politically motivated crime"—largely anti-racists, environmentalists, and animal rights activists.

Human rights advocate slams collection of DNA samples from men, boys in Manitoba First Nation

08 Février 2016

RCMP are gathering DNA samples from men and boys on a remote Manitoba First Nation in an effort to solve the homicide of 11-year-old Teresa Robinson, but a civil liberties advocate and northern leaders are raising questions about the investigative tactic.

Scottish police advise US officers on alternatives to shooting unarmed people

08 Février 2016

In the wake of several high profile cases of police killing unarmed individuals in the US, co-operation with a more peaceful police force in Scotland may herald changes amid a deeply embedded culture of violence and guns.

Scottish police have advised and helped train a group of US police chiefs in how to deal with unarmed people, especially when it comes to verbal communication and how to de-escalate tense conflict.

What's changed since Sammy Yatim died

08 Février 2016

Following the death of Sammy Yatim, Toronto police commissioned an independent review of use of force, looking specifically at encounters between officers and people in crisis.

Written by retired Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci, the report — based on a year of research — makes 84 recommendations to Toronto police, with the aim of eliminating fatal encounters with police.

Police forces need culture change: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

08 Février 2016

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a change in culture is needed within Canadian police forces to ensure indigenous people are treated the same as everyone else.

Trudeau told a CBC forum Sunday night that a "pervasive culture" in police forces, governments and religious communities has led to indigenous people being less valued.

He said that culture must be changed and he predicted the push for change will come from the Canadian people.

Hamilton cop found guilty of perjury, obstruction

08 Février 2016

A veteran Hamilton police detective who encouraged an informant to plant a gun at a home so he could obtain a search warrant from a justice of the peace has been convicted of three criminal charges.

Superior Court Justice Catrina Braid convicted Det.-Const. Robert Hansen, 41, a 12-year veteran of the force, of one count of perjury and two counts of obstructing justice on Friday.

SIU clears Toronto police officer in shooting of fleeing suspect

08 Février 2016

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit has cleared a Toronto police officer of any wrongdoing after he shot a fleeing suspect in the North York last spring.

The investigation concluded that the officer “did not exceed the bounds of legally justifiable force” upon confronting the suspect, SIU director Tony Loparco said in a released statement.

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