Documentation sur la brutalité policière

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"tu veux te faire battre ce soir ?"

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22 Juin 2012

I was approached by two officers supposedly for sitting on the top part of a park bench
though it was never mentioned untill I was issued a ticket an hour or so later.

I was sitting on the top part of a park bench to get away from rats in the park that were coming near my feet. (One of the police officers made a remark about the rats himself).

The younger of the two officers that approached me made no mention about me sitting on the top of the park bench.

When he approached me he said: "I don't know you".
I was taken aback by his remark and replied that I didn't know him either.
He said he knows everyone in the park, that he had never seen me before and that it was "his park".

At that point I said I would be leaving.

He said no and demanded ID.
I said no.