Thousands are calling to defund the VPD. Here's what that might look like.

VANCOUVER -- When the Vancouver chapter of Black Lives Matter released a list of demands for the city last week, the very first item was to direct some funding away from the police department – an idea that's starting to gain traction in jurisdictions across North America.

But what does it mean, and how would it look in practice?

Black Lives Matter has not responded to an interview request from CTV News, but the group's statement on Friday called for the redirected funding to go toward "initiatives that demonstrably support long-term community safety," including mental health programs, restorative justice services, employment programs and more.

And for a department with a $340 million budget – which is about $140 million higher than it was a decade ago, and makes up 21 per cent of the city's overall spending – advocates argue there is plenty of room to pare down.


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