Unprofessional Police Office

06 Février 2020


If you have a list of police officers who have contravened with disrespecting their citizens, I strongly urge you to name Stephane Roch, matricule # 1735 as one of the officers who is very unprofessional and post him among the list of unprofessional officers.

When he conducted a search warrant at my house the morning of February 6, 2020, he and his co-officers were drinking coffee on my dining table. The warrant did not specify that he can do that. The warrant only specified that he had the right to search and seize my electronics, ONLY.

Also, I feel that he has gone too far with being very aggressive with my lawyer, not respecting my lawyer's law limitations. And when they analyzed my hard drive at the forensics SPVM lab, they told my lawyer that they found no evidence of wrong-doing against the allegations the victim made of uttering death threats. So this looks even more leery.

And one time there was a hearing scheduled, and my lawyer mentioned that my dossier was misplaced and that the officers had to reschedule the hearing, thereby wasting the money I paid my lawyer because they did not have those legal papers.

The fact that he has contravened his rights to use my dining table is unacceptable.

Here is the link to his profile:


Thank you,


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