Death of drug squad officer by fentanyl overdose confounds police

When Const. Michael Thompson died this spring, the passing of the strapping, sporty 37-year-old officer was as confounding as it was sudden.

A respected and friendly cop with more than 10 years on the force, the last stint spent working undercover with the force’s drug squad, Thompson was found in medical distress in his Durham home on April 10.

Three days later, he died in hospital.

As it was a sudden death, an investigation by Durham Regional Police into it was triggered, as was a probe by Ontario’s coroner’s office. For months, the cause of death was unknown and it was believed, at one point, to have been a virus.

It wasn’t until results from toxicology and pathology tests came back in late July that it became clear.

Thompson is among the growing ranks of Canadians dying from a fentanyl overdose.


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