Vast Increase in Police Taser Use a ‘Threat to Life’, Report Warns

Taser use by British police forces in Manchester and London has increased rapidly, posing a growing threat to life, a new report published by Resistance Lab warns.

The report details how police use of the electric stun guns has increased by more than 500 percent in England and Wales over the last ten years, with particular focus on Manchester and London. Using police use of force statistics from the Home Office, the report states that the Metropolitan Police’s use of Tasers increased by 49 percent in the last year, while use by Greater Manchester Police increased by 73 percent. Both figures are higher than the national average of 39 percent. In Greater Manchester, the number of Taser incidents rose from 832 in 2017/18 to 1,442 incidents in 2018/19. Greater Manchester also had the second-highest use rate of Tasers of any police force in England and Wales, other than the Met.


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